Kim John Payne, best-selling author of Simplicity Parenting, to speak at SWS


Kim John Payne will offer a lecture on Friday, October 13 at 6pm and a workshop on Saturday, October 14 from 9am- Noon.

In his best selling book Soul of Discipline, Kim John Payne offers the Simplicity Parenting approach to warm, calm and firm guidance, and lays out an elegantly simple plan to support parents in establishing loving, age-sensitive boundaries that help children feel safe and settled. In short: What looks like misbehavior is actually your children’s signal that they’re feeling lost, that they are trying to find direction and looking to you to guide them back on course
Payne's lecture and subsequent workshop will inform participants on:
- Setting loving limits that work
- Do-able strategies
- Discipline that connects

Kim John Payne is the author of the #1 Best Selling book Simplicity Parenting, Australian born, he has worked throughout the world for 27 years as a counselor, consultant/ researcher and educator of both children and adults. He has been helping children, adolescents and families explore issues such as social difficulties, attention and behavioral issues at home and school, and a range of emotional issues. He regularly gives key note addresses at international conferences for educators, parents and therapists, and runs workshops and trainings around the world. He is faculty at Antioch University New England. He has been featured in Time Magazine, Parenting Magazine and is a regular guest on NPR, BBC, ABC, NBC & CBS television.
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The Soul of Discipline lecture and workshop are geared towards parents of children (of all ages) seeking skills to support their own parenting, but is also beneficial to Educators/ Special Education Teachers, Therapists, Social Workers, Child Care Providers, School Directors and Administrators who may provide parenting support, education, and group classes.