From the Winter Faire Committee

A big "Thank You" to all who contributed to making Winter Faire such a success this year.

Visitors from the Marietta Candlelight Tour and beyond saw our school at it's very best. To the class parents who were instrumental in the planning and execution of the gift baskets, class projects, recruiting volunteers and making sure your class “station” went off without a hitch, thank you. To the Kindergarten crew who created the most magical adventure for our children, thank you. To all the greeters, ticket sellers, bakers, ticket takers and servers, thank you. To the setter-uppers and the taker-downers (and those of you who did both!), thank you. To those of you who prepared delicious food to nourish our community, thank you. To those who raised your voices in song to inspire our community, thank you. To the teachers who transformed into pocket ladies and/ or shared their classrooms and guided the beautiful class projects, thank you. To those of you who used your artistic gifts to make our school sparkle, thank you. To the vendors who shared their talents with us in support of SWS, thank you. Each of you played a role in transforming our school into a magical and fun place for children and adults alike.

Yes, Winter Faire is a fundraiser, but it is also a community builder. A simple “thank you” doesn’t always carry the weight to counterbalance the great work that we all undertake on behalf of our school, but perhaps seeing a troupe of delighted children with jingling walking sticks and beaming faces as they return from a magical river walk adventure does the trick. Perhaps it is the goosebumps you got listening to the “Sisters of Light" perform in Williams Hall. Perhaps it was the childrens' eyes that got big and round when they saw the twinkling lights and snowflakes decorating the school. Perhaps it was hearing visitors remark that they’d never heard of our school but will plan to return next year, or even the family who is considering moving to the area because they felt something so special about our community. We hope that in one way or another you all found a moment of fulfillment and community as we worked together to make a great Faire.

Blessings on our school!